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Cataract Surgical Training Program

A Sustainable Solution To End Cataract Blindness.

HMS_TrainingProgram1Throughout the world, untreated cataracts are by far the leading cause of blindness, making up 51% of all cases globally. Yet despite the fact that cataract surgery is an effective intervention, in many remote and underserved areas around the world people remain blind from cataracts due to the lack of access to qualified cataract surgeons.

To eliminate preventable cataract blindness in developing countries, HelpMeSee will train in-country specialists in an effective, high-quality and underserved procedure called Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS). Training MSICS specialists will help provide much-needed access to sight-saving surgery in the developing world, and will provide a sustainable solution to eliminate cataract blindness.

Each surgical specialist will be capable of delivering at least 2,500 cataract surgeries per year, leading to sight restoration for millions of visually impaired and blind people, while eliminating the current backlog of cataract blindness globally.

Cataract Surgical Specialist Trainees are expected to undergo around 400 to 700 hours of learning based on their prior knowledge and skills. 60% of this time will be spent on simulator practice and evaluation, 20% on classroom instruction and lab activity, and 20% on self-study.

Virtual Reality Cataract Surgical Training Simulator

HelpMeSee will train MSICS specialists using an unprecedented approach to surgical training — an innovative MSICS Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator. The Simulator recreates the human eye in all its visual and tactile details and, used in conjunction with sophisticated courseware, provides an endless supply of virtual eyes and unlimited opportunities for practice without endangering patients. This model can dramatically speed up the surgical training.




HelpMeSee Training Centers

HelpMeSee plans to establish up to seven training centers across the world wherein aspiring cataract surgical specialists can enroll and undergo a thorough, six month proficiency- based training program on Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS).

The Training Center will offer a wide range of programs directed towards high quality care in cataract treatment with a primary focus on training MSICS specialists. HelpMeSee will train technicians, nurses, field managers, and other staff members required at a typical cataract surgical clinic.

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